$6.4 million

Iron worker who fell 25 feet from a beam at the Bronx Courthouse required spinal fusion.

$3.5 million

Construction worker fell 20 feet from scaffolding platform with no safety railings and had a knee replacement.

$3.4 million

Construction worker fell 15 feet through an unstable floor, resulting back surgery.

$3.2 million

Construction worker struck by falling tools at building site suffering a broken arm and requiring shoulder surgery.

$1.75 million

Union welder struck by falling beam sufferimg a broken arm.

$1.4 million

Undocumented laborer who suffered broken ankle and leg after retaining wall fell in him.

$1.05 million

Carpenter suffered broken jaw after being struck by a falling aluminum beam.

$1 million

Painter suffered brain injury after falling 12 feet from a faulty ladder.


Client who tripped and fell on a broken church step, resulting in a fractured hip.


Driver who was struck by a truck making an illegal U-turn suffered a broken jaw, broken teeth.